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As a league we understand that some teams would like to stop playing after may half term.


Maybe you want to concentrate on other sports or simply have a break after a long season of football!


Rather than cause the league programme a lot of disruption, and more importantly letting other teams down last minute because you can’t get a squad together, nows your chance to opt out for the remaining weeks of the season


Please Note
This isn’t a ‘week by week’ opt out option
its for the last 4 remaining weeks after half term only
Maybe you have 4 teams that you could condense down to 2 or 3?
Maybe you have 4 teams that you would like to opt out completely?


If you plan to continue after May half with the same number of teams that you’ve had playing for the season that’s brilliant and we don’t need to know – just carry on as planned !


Once we have the information from you regarding opting out we can then plan the remaining weeks of games without any disruption
To opt out is really simple – just email in with the following information via the link below
1 – Club
2 – Name
3 – Age Group
4 – Current number of teams
5 – New number of teams
We would need this information sending in asap, and the very latest by the end of May 2019 please


Thanks for your co-operation
Manchester Respect JFL

Opt Out Now

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Current Number of Teams
New Number of Teams